Fourth of July Celebration

We want to thank everybody in the Villebois Neighborhood who came together in order to celebrate this holiday as a community! The Fourth of July has been a holiday that is cherished because it is a holiday that brings the community together to gather and to celebrate. Those in the Villebois neighborhood come together and enjoy a parade and BBQ letting their kids play and join in the quality time and fun with friends, family, and neighbors. It is a community event that shows to be getting better and better each and every year. This year was no exception to that either, one of the largest years yet. Everybody came to enjoy everyone around them and have a great Fourth of July. Everybody waits around for this event each summer, especially with this Oregon weather we have, you can count on the Fourth being the turning point for good weather. (Everybody hopes;))
This celebration is exciting and eventful for all ages which is why each year it keeps growing, more hotdogs are being grilled, and more laughs and smiles ring in the air.

It also gives an opportunity to say thank you to the longtime Villebois Resident Everett Lapp who made sure to start the parade in style and lined up TVFR station 52 to bring the firetruck out for the kids. The fire truck was a big success as the kids loved the opportunity to get to climb all over it and meet with the firemen who gave out stickers as well as showing the kids the ropes.

Another success was with Wilsonville’s Finlay Jeep Dodge who brought a red jeep to help out with the parade and the kids as well. Both of these cars/ (large fire truck) was a good time for the kids who hopped into the jeep so quickly. Getting to ride in the Jeep was a cool thing!

There were also a couple large thank you’s that we have from this Fourth of July event that couldn’t have been put on without all these other companies willing to join in on the fun. We want to thank Allstate Insurance- Nichols Family Agency, Crowley Landscape and Management, Academy Mortgage Corporation, The Maids, and last but not least Creekside Bible Church. All these amazing businesses and community places helped put on a great event that everybody was able to enjoy.

We couldn’t be more grateful for this community that we live in with the selfless people who love it as much as we do. Fourth of July will continue to be a great holiday celebrated and cherished every summer. Were only hoping to grow every year as well in order to get more people, and more of the community involved. Green Group was honored to be apart of this event and is already planning, and looking forward to what we can do next year!