Farmers Market is Back!

We are finally in the season that everybody looks forward too, summer season.  Summer here in Oregon is a big deal because everybody spends close to 9-10 months drowning in a downpour.  Everyone is looking forward to the days that are constantly filled with an abundance of sun, or the fact that the temperature gauge will hit above 60 degrees and you can finally walk outside in those t-shirts and flip flops that have been collecting dust like an old book no one reads anymore. Summer not only brings out sunshine and smiles, but it brings out the community. It brings out concerts in the parks, BBQ’s with the neighbors, slip n slides for your kids in the backyard, baseball games, and so much more. People are always happy, life is good, and the Villebois farmers market is no exception to that. People wait all year for this event that goes on every Thursday from 4-8PM in Sofia park. This event features everything from food carts, to local farmers, to live music.  There are dessert tables that you just can’t miss and a whole other spectrum of face products, beautiful flowers, and house decorations.  The Villebois farmers market allows the community- not just those in Villebois- to share a night each week to engage with neighbors, old friends, and new faces.

This event is something that is waited upon for months in advanced knowing that when the farmers market is open the summer has really begun. Four months of enjoying the weather and being outside every Thursday is what this community counts on and something the rest of you don’t want to miss out on! Starting tomorrow and for the rest of the summer join us for the Villebois farmers market!