Update! Villebois Village Center Retail Space

Villebois Village Center Retail

Villebois retail space

Most Villebois residents have long awaited the arrival of lively retail or a spot to grab coffee & a snack in the beautiful, albeit vacant, retail space at the center of our unique neighborhood. The Villebois Village Center retail space that surrounds Piazza Villebois has seen some activity in the past week that has the neighborhood buzzing – the corner space at Villebois Drive and Barber Street is being built out! The inside of the retail space has been nothing more than cement floors and walls since the building’s construction roughly 10 years ago. So, the question is: what is going on?!

A quick Q&A with the onsite construction workers has revealed that the building owners are putting in what they refer to as a ‘vanilla shell’ in the space. While there is some gray area to this definition, Vanilla Shell or plain Vanilla Shell usually means that the landlord is offering to deliver an interior space in a retail or office environment with minimal improvements as follows: Dry wall is installed and painted white; HVAC units are installed but most times not ducted; a restroom is sometimes installed or available; and some electrical might be distributed.

This big sign went up in the Barber Street facing window today:


Villebois Village Center Retail

So, there you have it! The Villebois Village Center retail space is being prepped to entice businesses to set up shop! We love it! Our dreams of coffee/wine/food/music may be that much closer to reality.Stay tuned!

What kind of business would YOU like to see open in the Villebois Village Center retail space?