Did you just move in to your new place? Is everything unpacked and out of boxes but still doesn’t feel like you live there? Or maybe you have lived in your house for awhile but you have yet to take the time to give it some love and attention. Here are a few simple tricks on how to put your own personal stamp on your place and make it your own!


1. Paint.

When you walk into a house with white walls, its hard to imagine it as your own. By painting your walls, you can add so much warmth and color to a room! You can either go in a neutral direction and paint it a color that will go with anything, or paint with a bold color to make a statement. After painting, hang up framed photos of family and friends! You can even make a gallery wall with your family monogram and favorite colors, patterns and photos-be creative!

2. Plant a garden.


Even if you don’t have a backyard, you can use pots of different sizes inside or outside! Stack them by putting them them on shelves on your front porch or balcony, label them and fill the pots with flowers, succulents or herbs-Whatever your heart desires!

3. Decorate!


Pick a style, theme and a few pops of color that you want sprinkled throughout your home. Pillows are great for adding color and patterns to otherwise plain couches. Books of different colors and sizes, old and new can be stacked on tables in different positions to add style and flair. Rugs add an element to your home that will not only go with the overall theme, but give the room a sense of warmth and coziness. Placing trinkets that go with the theme with all add depth and show off your personality!

4. Make your own wreath.

photo (11)

What will be the first thing people see when they come to your door? If you purchase a plain wooden wreath and make it your own by adding flowers and elements that represent your home-it’s easier than you think! Hang your creation on your door- it will be the first thing people see and sure to give a great first impression!

5. Hang up a chalkboard or paint a chalkboard wall. 


Personalize your home by hanging up a large chalkboard in a common room like the kitchen and make it big enough for your whole family to write messages on it. By painting a chalkboard wall, it allows children to also to add their own personal touch as well! You can also use it for reminders, fun notes, important dates or favorite quotes!

To finish off the process, throw a house warming party! Remember your home is only a representation of yourself and your family, but is a place where memories are made! It’s important to make it your own and have fun with it!

Happy homemaking!

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