Villebois Community Garage Sale Coming Soon!

Be sure to mark your calenders! The Villebois Community Garage Sale is happening on Saturday, June 14! From 8am-3pm and it is not something you will want to miss!

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What better thing to do on a sunny Saturday morning but to grab a pal and  go walking around the neighborhood with coffee in hand, breathing in the fresh morning air and hunting for fun finds!

Looking for some new furniture? New clothes? Baby toys? Decor items? This sale will have it all! With the whole neighborhood involved, everyone is guaranteed to find something!

How does it work? Well, this garage sale is not just your ordinary sale, it has over 50 homes participating and you will receive a map to know every location!

Do you have some things you want to sell? Great! Make sure to register via email by June 1st at and you won’t even have to ride around posting signs all over town! That is all taken care of for you! Just a $5 fee will cover signage and advertising and must be submitted in between June 1st-7th. Just drop it off in the lime green folder at 11988 SW Lausanne!

Is this your first year doing a garage sale on your own and you aren’t sure how to go about it? Here are a few tips to making sure your sale is not only a success, but goes off without a hitch!


*Location & Signs. This is important so the word gets out and people know you are having a sale. You already have set yourself up for success by choosing to participate in the Villebois Community Garage Sale, which is sure to gain lots of exposure and lots of people are already planing on going! Also, all the signs will be taken care of for you!

*Look Presentable & Be Organized. When you walk into a store, what is one of the first things you notice? How things are set up. Make sure the way you set up your sale is inviting and makes people feel welcome. Organize your items in categories the best you can and put them on tables, hang up clothes on racks or fold them by size and/or category. Put the bigger and more higher priced items, like furniture and electronics, in the front to attract attention. Also, make sure to price everything, whether that be with stickers or signs and be fair with your pricing; folks come to a garage sale to get a bargain!

*Smile & Say Hello. People are always more apt to purchase something if they feel like they have made a connection with the person selling the item. If you make an effort to connect with the people browsing around, you are sure to sell more items and make some friends!

Last but not least..make sure you have lots of change! You will need a little bit of everything, that means, 1’s, 5’s & 20’s, and some coins as well!

Whew! Ok, now you are ready to start cleaning out the closets? Don’t worry, you have plenty of time to get ready for it! It’s still a little over a month away!

Do you have stuff you want to get rid of but you don’t want to have your own sale? That’s ok! Just drop off your items by 8am at Sofia Park the day of the sale to support the Villebois Events Committee.

So spread the word, bring your friends and participate in this event that happens only once a year! It’s all about creating community!

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