5 Tips on How to Be a Good Neighbor

“May I borrow a cup of sugar?”

We all have probably asked this question once or twice to a neighbor when we were in a baking emergency. What if we could create an atmosphere of helpfuless, peace and community in our neighborhood? As summertime approaches, we are going to be spending a lot more time outside which is the perfect excuse to get to know people. When it’s nice out, everyone wants to be out in the sunshine soaking up some that much needed vitamin D!


Here a few tips to help you reach out to your neighbors:

1. Be open and aware. Your vacuum broke? You can borrow mine. You need some car washing soap? I have some. Being open and aware to your neighbors needs will allow room for a relationship to grow. You live by each other, you might as well be friends! The great thing about living so close to be people is that you can borrow things and easily get them back within walking distance. So the next time you see your neighbor, send a hello their way and ask them how they are and what they are up to, it may brighten their day!

2. Share treats. While making any treats with your family, whether they be cookies, muffins or any sort of fun creation, knock on your neighbors door and share some delicious extras! No matter what age, this thoughtful gesture will allow your neighbors to feel loved and may spark a friendship!

3. BBQ. When planning to have a BBQ, knock on their door and see if they would like to come join! Tell them to bring a side dish or dessert and you will take care of the rest! This will initiate a great time of fun and conversation!

4. Ask if your neighbors need anything at the store. Now you don’t have to knock on everyones door on your street asking them if they need milk, but if you happen upon a neighbor in passing, mention that you are going to the store and ask if they need anything–they may just return the favor sometime!

5. Invite your neighbors to community  events.  We all have plans for summer, but on those nights that you find yourself home and wanting to go out and do something, it’s always more fun to go with other people! Next time you and your family plan on going out, whether it be to the farmers market, a concert at McMenamins or movies in the park, invite some neighbors to come along with you!

So next time you are out for a walk, watering your plants on your front porch or at your neighborhood park, smile and ask questions, you may make a new friend! It’s all about creating community!

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