Spring DIY


Have you been looking around your home wanting to freshen things up a bit? With the sun shining and the birds singing, its time for a fresh start! Here are 5 simple steps that cost little to no money but will have your place feeling like new again!

1. Take a piece of furniture you already have and paint it!

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This can work with a side table, bar stools, chairs, anything really! It’s amazing what paint can do! Painting something can make it look so fresh and clean and you will barely recognize your old item! Warning: Be aware that after painting your first item, you will most likely be very happy with the result that you will want to paint everything in your house, this can tend to upset your spouse.

2. Wash your windows!

  I know this sounds silly, but it really makes a difference! When the sunshine streams in it’s easy to see all the finger prints and dust on the furniture. Take the initiative and get your dust rag out- your place will sparkle in no time!

3. Buy some seeds and watch them grow! 


Seeds are very inexpensive and you can buy them at any local grocery store this time of year.  Pick out basil or cilantro for cooking or some lovely flowers instead. For even more fun, plant your seeds in a tea pot or old canisters, or paint the pots your own colors!

4. Make sun tea and invite some friends over to share it with. 


When the sun comes out, it’s worth celebrating! If you know it’s going to be a sunny day and you are having friends over, put some tea bags out in a glass container in direct sunshine and, “Voila!” You just made your own sun tea!

5. Put flowers in every room.


Buy or clip some from your garden and put them in ball jars around your house. It will not only make the room feel welcoming and new but it will smell good too!

Hope you enjoy trying these simple but fun steps to welcoming the spring season and feeling accomplished!

Happy Spring!