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Parks & Green Space

With over 160 acres of parks and open space, discovering nature is as easy as opening your front door.

Living in Villebois you’re always connected to Oregon’s natural beauty because over 160 acres of parks and open space are waiting just outside your front door.

At the heart of the community, the Village Center is connected to 20 acres of open space. Throughout Villebois, a system of connected trails and paths make it easy and appealing to leave your car in the garage and take a walk, instead. But that’s only the beginning….

Parks and Open Spaces

A vibrant community needs to have open space so residents can experience the great outdoors without having to load up a car and take a trip. That’s why almost a third of Villebois is composed of breathtaking parks and open spaces. In addition to bike and pedestrian paths, there are also formal parks for hosting neighborhood gatherings and activities.

A 30-acre greenway wraps around the Village Center, and a natural upland forest houses preserved Oak and Fir trees. Villebois will also feature a variety of mixed-use parks for skating, tennis, and basketball, and dog parks for man’s best friend.

Tonquin Trail

The Tonquin Trail, a 19-mile path linking Wilsonville, Tualatin, and Sherwood, is central to the proposed trail system of Villebois. In addition to the Tonquin Trail, the community’s multimodal trail system will include Coffee Lake Wood Trail and the Villebois Greenway Trail.

Not only will the proposed trails connect the Villebois community by linking all the neighborhoods together, they will also provide a major link to the regional open space network, by connecting to the Tonquin Geologic Trail to the north and to the Graham Oaks Regional Park to the south, via connections to the Coffee Lake Wood Trail and Tonquin Trail. Now that’s a long, beautiful walk!

Coffee Lake Creek

Most of the extensive areas of wetlands and wildlife habitat in Villebois are associated with Coffee Lake Creek — the stream located within Villebois. Coffee Lake is the name given to the entire area, though only the central “kolk” retains water year round. The name “Coffee” refers to the dark color of the creek’s water, which flows from the Tonquin area, north of Grahams Ferry Road, and is fed by a series of springs, seeps, and smaller tributaries, such as Basalt Creek.

Nearby Parks

To the south of Wilsonville is Champoeg State Park, which boasts ten miles of hiking and biking trails. The paved biking trail winds through old growth hardwood forests, while the hiking-only trail curves along the scenic banks of the Willamette River and through the shady forests.